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Need-Based Scholarships

Available for Professionals, Family Members and Autistic Individuals

Scholarship Policy

Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The final application deadline is June 5, 2024. One person per application. Approved scholarships include attendance at all sessions.

Professionals: Before submitting an application for a Milestones scholarship, first apply for funding through your employer (school district, county board, agency, etc.). We accept purchase orders.

Parents & Family Members: Before submitting an application for a Milestones scholarship, first contact your Support Administrator at your County Board of Developemtnal Disabilities for information on paying for educational opportunities with Family Support dollars.

Autistic Individuals: Applying for a scholarship only takes a few minutes. You will not be asked to supply any financial information. You will be asked to answer this question: Why would you like to attend the conference and what do you hope to gain from it?

Please fill out the appropriate scholarship form:

Milestones is committed to offering scholarships for conference registration based on financial need. In order to help as many individuals as possible with a partial scholarship, we ask that you contribute as much as you can afford towards the conference fee.


Scholarship registrations are non-transferable. However, if you are granted a scholarship and your plans change so you are no longer able to use it, please notify us as soon as possible so we can make the scholarship funds available to others. A full refund will be granted through June 5, 2024.

The conference is designed for older teens and adults who can attend sessions and engage with the material being presented. Childcare is not provided.

For questions please email us

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